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The tattoo pictured is a double ink tattoo, requiring 6-10 treatments due the density and amount of ink being used.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Tattoo Removal


How Long do I need?

The approximate coverage we can treat in 30mins is 20cm2.

Does it hurt?

There can be a little pain, however, we do offer numbing cream FREE of charge. Please allow 45mins extra to take effect. Please also advise Laser HRH prior to your appointment if you wish to make use of the cream.

How Many Treatments do I need?

3-5 treatments are required to fade the tattoo and 6-10 to remove it completely. Your technician will be able to determine the expected treatments required.

How Does Tattoo Removal Work?

Each time the laser is fired you will here a “tick” sound as the laser’s light is absorbed by the ink in the tattoo & consequently heated. Following the treatment, the ink is then absorbed by the body, & flushed out of the body via the kidneys & then urine. Typically 3-5 sessions are required, but several variables will effect this, with approximately 45 days required between each treatment. Here at Laser HRH when we remove a tattoo with our Q-switched Nd-yag laser, it can cause clients some discomfort. We do supply numbing cream at no cost, which we suggest that all clients make use of. The cream takes approx 45 mins to start to take effect & this 45 mins you are not charged for.

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