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VALID 14/1/2020 – 14/3/2020

  1.  This promotion has two options to choose from. a) A client can pay for their appointment at the standard RRP, and their friend get their appointment free of charge.  Or,  b) Both the client and their friend can get “50% OFF” each of their treatments.
  2.  In both of the above options, both yours & your friend’s treatments must be of equal value or within 25% difference in value. If the difference in value is greater than 25%, the discount will be calculated using the lesser of the two values.
  3.  The term ‘friend’ can be used for a friend, family member, spouse, partner, work colleague etc etc.
  4.  The person being brought for free (or included in the 50% off option) must be a new client to Laser HRH.
  5.  If both you & your friend attend Laser HRH on the same day & at the same time you will both receive the 50% OFF your chosen treatments on that day. Alternatively one can pay the standard RRP of their appointment and the other gets their appointment for free.
  6.  If for any reason both appointments can’t be scheduled to be on the same day, to remain eligible, both you & your friend must attend Laser HRH for treatment within the same week. The client who attends for their appointment first is to pay in full. The friend who attends the second appointment then gets their appointment free of charge. Alternatively both payments can be made up front via direct bank deposit online, or cash in store. Note that payment in this case must be received before either of the appointments are commenced.
  7.  This promotion cannot be used with any other special offer & is applicable to RRP’s only.
  8.  This promotion is not valid for any tattoo removal treatments, full body hair removal, or skin care products stocked in store.
  9.  The promotion is valid from 14/1/2020 through to the 14/3/2020, with the last day any discounts being honoured the 14/3/2020. You may use the promotion more than once if you are to bring a new friend for treatment at Laser HRH each time.
  10.  Bookings can be made using our online booking facility: https://laserhrh2.fullslate.com/ or by calling us on 1300 474 475,  by email: info@laserhrh.com.au, or visit: www.laserhrh.com.au or Private Message our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/laserhrh/. Please ensure you provide all of the following details for both clients when making bookings: Name & Surname, Mobile Number & Email, so that we may complete both bookings or contact the second person/friend to confirm their attendance.
  11.  If we are unable to contact the second client to confirm their booking, the appointment will be cancelled and no discount applies to the first client’s appointment.
  12.  For all bookings over 75 minutes long, a deposit of $50 per booking will be required to secure the appointment time. This deposit is forfeited if less than 48 hours notice is given to cancel or reschedule, or if the client does not attend the appointment without notice.
  13.  Laser HRH reserves the right to end this promotion at any time, without notice.

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