Terms and Conditions


  1. To be eligible for the “50% OFF” both treatments, both your & your friend’s treatment must be equal to, or considered similar in value. If the difference is greater than 25% then, only the lesser value of the 2 will be discounted, with the remainder of the more expensive treatment charged at RRP. This may be left to the discretion of the manager at the time.
  2. For existing clients, the friend that you refer/bring to Laser HRH must be a new client & not have attended Laser HRH before.
  3. In the case that you are both new to Laser HRH, then you will both be eligible to receive the 50% OFF discount in accordance with the T’s & C’s.
  4. If both you & your friend attend Laser HRH on the same day & at the same time you will both receive, the 50% OFF your chosen treatments on that day.
  5. To be eligible, both you & your friend must attend Laser HRH for treatment within the same week. Whomever is first to come through will receive 25% OFF at the time of payment, in good faith that the friend will attend, then, once the second person/friend has had their treatment, they will receive 50% OFF their treatment. When the initial/first person returns for their following treatment, they will receive the other 25% OFF that next treatment. If the second person/friend doesn’t attend with in the same week, the initial 15% discount received will be rescinded & they will be charged the outstanding amount (The 25% discount applied at the previous treatment), at the subsequent treatment.
  6. This promotion cannot be used with any other special offer & is applicable to RRP’s only.
  7. The promotion is valid from 1/11/18 through to the 31/1/19, with the last day any discounts being honoured the 25/1/19. You may use the promotion more than once if you are to bring a new friend for treatment at Laser HRH each time.
  8. Bookings can be made via Fullslate at: https://laserhrh2.fullslate.com/ or by calling us on 1300 474 475, or by email: info@laserhrh.com.au, or visit: www.laserhrh.com.au or Private Message our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/laserhrh/. Please ensure you have the details, Name, Mobile Number & Email of both friends when making the bookings, so that we may complete both bookings or contact the second person/friend to ensure their attendance.
  9. Laser HRH reserves the right to end this promotion at any time, without notice.

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