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Pre & Post treatment advice

Pre & Post treatment advice

How To Prepare For Your IPL/Laser Treatment With Laser HRH

How To Prepare For Your IPL/Laser Treatment With Laser HRH

We have put this guide together to help you prepare for your IPL/Laser treatment with Laser HRH. There is also aftercare advice for the treated area which may assist you in reaching your goals with Laser HRH, as safely & as fast as possible. Please read through our IPL/Laser pre-care advice & IPL/Laser aftercare advice carefully to ensure you get the most out of your time at our clinic. This guide has been designed to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible with as few complications as possible during the process*. The information supplied, may not suit every client so please use your own discretion should you be unable to follow the advice for any reason.

Laser HRH’s IPL/Laser Treatment Pre-Treatment Care Advice*

Please be aware that we cannot treat you if you;
  • Are wearing or have applied fake tan recently
  • Are pregnant
  • Are using or have very recently been using Roaccutane or similar medication (See the full list here)
  • Are using or have very recently been using the tanning product “Melanotan” or a similar injectable product
  • You have not shaved

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our friendly technicians at Laser HRH here.

Preparation Before Your IPL/Laser Treatment:

Shave Before Your Appointment

The area being treated must be cleanly shaven. This is applicable to all clients, for most treatments & is best done at a minimum of 18hrs24hrs prior to treatment to ensure minimal discomfort on the day & complications after your treatment (In-growns etc).

*Please note clients that arrive unshaven to their appointment may incur a shaving fee. Please also be aware, Laser HRH technicians will only shave area’s you are unable to reach to shave yourself e.g. Your back. 

Remove all Fake Tan*

Please be aware that IPL/Laser treatments cannot be performed on any client wearing FAKE TAN. The increased risk of burning due to the extra pigment in the fake tan, renders it unsafe to do so. Clients that arrive to an appointment wearing fake tan may be turned away & a fee may be charged. Repeat offenders will be charged.

Avoid Plucking Or Waxing For 4 Weeks Before Treatment*

All plucking, waxing, creams, & electrolysis should be avoided at a minimum 4wks prior to treatment. This is to allow time for the hair follicles to reach a similar growth length or stage for optimum results & less pain. Please inform the technician if this has not been the case.

Exfoliate Every Day*

Where possible try to exfoliate every day (Including the day of treatment) & moisturise daily (Excluding the day of treatment). This is beneficial for optimal results & minimises the risk of any complications.

Avoid The Sun Or UV Exposure*

Try to avoid the sun & sun beds, ideally for 4-6wks prior to your treatment. We understand this is Australia, so this is unrealistic, so please try to avoid the sun as best possible, for no less than 7days prior. If you have been burnt in the 2wks leading up to your treatment please inform the technician before your treatment. If you are more tanned than usual please also inform the technician.

Wash off all Creams & Deodorants*

No topical creams, moisturises, deodorants, or anything foreign are to be applied to your skin on the day of your treatment.

*Failure to follow this Pre-care instruction may result in undesired side effects & may also affect your long-term results.

IPL/Laser Post-Treatment Advice

What To Expect For Clients Starting Hair Removal at Laser HRH:

IPL/Laser is not like waxing or plucking. After your treatment, your hair will continue to grow as normal until the dermal layer & accompanying hair follicle & root system of skin grows out. This process can take up to 21days so please be patient.

Avoid Plucking or Waxing:

In the case of Hair removal, you will notice the hairs will begin to fall out effortlessly after 12-18days*. Please do not wax or pluck regrowth during this time. If necessary, shave the hairs where or when needed. If possible, especially if it is your first IPL/Laser treatment with Laser HRH, try not to shave the area until the hair falls out. This will give you an indication of how well the treatment has worked.

* This can take anywhere up to 21 days.

Avoid Excessive Sun Exposure:

Avoid excessive (Any if possible) UV exposure to the area for at least 24hrs & up to 3/span>days after for IPL/Laser treatments, up to 7days for tattoo removal clients. It is common on sensitive skin types to be light sensitive after treatment, so please be aware of this, (This means the sun feels much hotter than usual). This mainly occurs on the day of treatment, a cold shower will usually help this. Please also contact Laser HRH to advise us of this reaction so we may record it on your file for your next treatment. If you have concerns about your skin, or it’s reaction to the treatment, then please contact us HERE as soon as you become aware of the concerns.


As per any good skin care regime, we recommend that you moisturise daily to keep you skin at its healthiest. This is no different following any treatment at Laser HRH. Laser HRH stock “ALPHA H” products who have some amazingly great products to help your skin feel at it healthiest all day long. Ask one of our technicians about these products to find out more

Use Anti-inflammatories for Swelling:

The use “voltaren” anti-inflammatory gel or the like is also very helpful in assisting any local swelling & small bumps or redness to dissipate much faster. Many people when they receive IPL/Laser also have pigmentation that is drawn to the skin, (Called “micro crusting”), which can be mistaken for burns. This “micro crusting” is a common side effect & once the skin regenerates & grows out, the pigmentation changes will grow out also. Then the pigmentation will cease to exist (This may take up to 3-4wks).

Tattoo Removal Clients ONLY:

Laser HRH strongly recommends that the use of “STRATACEL” or “STRATAMED” be applied to your tattoo to aid with recovery. These products are silicone membranes, which acts like an invisible band-aid, that are aqua phobic, & gas permeable & will help improve the healing time of the tattoo being removed by ½  (Yes sounds like a crazy claim, but come & try it before you disbelieve). Both of these products can be purchased from the clinic, or any chemist should also stock them. Please click the links above to find out more. 

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our friendly technicians at Laser HRH here.

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