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Before & After Photos

Before & After Photos

At Laser HRH we are proud of the results our treatments provide.  Here you can see the results from some of our clients for Tattoo Removal, Skin Rejuvenation & Acne treatments.  Please be aware that the results obtained are based on the individuals specific circumstances & desired outcomes.

Tattoo Removal

eyebrow tattoo removal perth
Eyebrow tattoo removal

Before & after only three sessions

Laser tattoo removal perth - after sessions
Laser tattoo removal

Before & after seven sessions

Women's Leg Tattoo Removal

Before & after four sessions

eyebrow tattoo removal perth
Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

After one session (right eyebrow, left in the photo)

Instant results! The left(right in photo) eyebrow is completely untouched by the laser and then the client's right(left in photo) eyebrow immediately after treatment with our Picosecond Laser. Here you can see the laser has taken the pigment out of the ink straight away. Our client will only need a few sessions before she can then go and get her eyebrows re-tattooed just the way she wants.

If you have tattooed eyebrows that you just aren’t happy with, contact us. At Laser HRH we offer a free consultation for clients just wanting to come through and have a chat about the process.

Arm laser tattoo removal after 5 sessions
Arm Tattoo Removal

Image 1:  Original tattoo (from top)

Image 2: After 3 sessions

Daniel Barlow
Men's leg tattoo removal

Before & after four sessions

Foot Tattoo Removal

Before & after four sessions

Leg Tattoo Removal Perth
Leg Tattoo Removal

Image 1:  Original tattoo (from left)

Image 2: After two sessions

Image 3: After 5 sessions of tattoo removal (very right image)

Neck Tattoo Removal After 4 Sessions
Neck Tattoo Removal

Image 1:  Original tattoo (from top)

Image 2: After four sessions

Permanent Hair Removal

mens permanent chest hair removal perth
Laser/IPL Back & Shoulders Hair Removal Treatment

Before & after 4 weeks from only 1 session

IPL Back Hair Removal Results Perth
Chest & Stomach Hair Removal

Results 4 weeks after first IPL/Laser treatment.

Our client has expressed to the technicians here at Laser HRH how much this has boosted his confidence, especially coming into summer being able to take his shirt off without worrying about his chest hair and being care-free.

be it Laser or IPL that is recommended for you, the treatment plan is similar. They consist of a course of treatments ranging from 6-12 treatments. We aim for an 80% (or more) hair reduction overall. There are many different factors which affect how many sessions you will need to achieve this result including hair, skin colour, density of the hair, hormone levels, lifestyle, medications and more. This 6-12 estimation is just an average of expected treatments, everyone is completely different.

Do you have a lot of unwanted hair? Come and see us at Laser HRH for a free consult to see if you are an ideal candidate for Laser/IPL treatments.


Skin Rejuvination

IPL Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

Before & after three sessions

IPL Acne Treatment

Before & after four sessions

thumbnail_Acne Treatments
IPL Acne Treatment

Before & after four sessions

IPL Freckle removal Treatment

Before & after three sessions

skin needling for stetch mark reduction perth
Post-pregnancy Stretch Mark Reduction

Fantastic results improving skin elasticity, texture and reducing pregnancy stretch marks using a combination of thermage and skin needling in 3 sessions of treatment.

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