Frequently asked Questions about Tattoo Removal

By Laser HRH, 9 Jul 2017

Tattoo removal can be quite a daunting process & we are often asked a lot of questions by new clients. We have listed the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions, that we hope will put your mind at ease.

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Does Tattoo removal hurt? How does it work?

As would have been the case when you initially got the tattoo, there is usually some discomfort associated with tattoo removal. Each client’s pain threshold is different and it also depends on the area being treated.

Specific wavelengths of light are used to target the pigment of the tattoo. When the light hits the tattoo, the pigment breaks up and is either pushed to the surface of your skin, or absorbed into your bloodstream to be excreted via your renal tract. You may feel a slight flick against the skin, similar to a rubber band being stretched and let go on your skin. At Laser HRH we have numbing cream available to assist with reducing the discomfort of tattoo removal. We can provide this at your initial consultation to apply 45 minutes to 1 hour before your tattoo removal appointment.


What should I expect to see after a Tattoo Removal treatment?

What you will see during treatment is the tattoo developing a white frosted crust. Redness and some swelling may occur. Some blistering may occur as this is the body’s natural healing process, but this is rare. Please inform us if you have been using any other tattoo removal methods. As the skin heals, the ink is both pushed to the surface and also taken away by the bodies immune system. After 35-65 days after your treatment, the tattoo will gradually fade.


How many sessions would I require to remove my tattoo completely and how long in between?

We generally refer patients back to the Kirby Desai chart, this gives patients a better understanding as to how many sessions, and how difficult it will be to remove their unwanted ink. Factors that are taken into consideration when predicting treatment duration and final outcome include: What colour ink is used, how many layers of tattoo there are, if it is a cover-up, if there is scarring present on the skin caused by the initial tattoo process, your skin type & more.


What should I expect after my Tattoo Removal session? Are there any side effects?

After your tattoo removal session, you will notice the area crusting over as your body reacts to the treatment and starts to heal. This is due to the microscopic release of tiny steam bubbles in your skin. This change usually lasts only a few minutes before it disappears and it is a sign that the treatment is working well. You may experience some redness, swelling, scabbing and sometimes blistering. This is a normal process as the body works to eliminate the tattoo dyes. The treated area may feel slightly sunburned for a couple of days and cold packs can be applied as needed for comfort. If you are worried in any way that your body is reacting negatively to the treatment please contact Laser HRH immediately on 1300 474 475.

How much does Tattoo Removal cost?

Prices vary from each person as this depends on the size of the tattoo. You can find our current prices here.

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