Commonly asked questions about IPL

By Laser HRH, 9 Jul 2017

Here we have put together some of the most frequently asked questions that we hear. If you have a question & can’t find the answer here, please feel free to contact us directly here. One of our friendly technicians will be happy to assist.

How does IPL Work?

IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light. It is a procedure in which a device is used to fire light into the skin, to target specific cells, i.e. hair follicles, skin pigment, or even collagen & thus eliminating unwanted hair, correcting uneven skin pigmentation, or even regenerating skin cells.

Can IPL have long-term health effects?

IPL has been performed around the world for approximately 30+ years with extensive medical research and studies conducted, which have all concluded that IPL is safe and has no long-term health effects.


Is IPL Hair Removal painful?

The simple answer is NO. IPL should not be painful if performed correctly. Some older technologies still used in the market today will still be painful, no matter how you are treated. But here at Laser HRH, we have some of the latest technology available on the market today and even supply numbing cream if you are super sensitive.


People often ask “Aren’t lasers more powerful? Isn’t that why Doctors use them?”

No, this is not correct. The IPL is an adaptation of the laser, more suited to the beauty industry.


What is the difference between IPL and Laser?

The biggest difference between laser and IPL, as far as treatment is concerned, is the coverage. A laser beam is very narrow, only covering a small spot at a time, while IPL coverage is several times the area, and therefore treatments are much quicker and much more cost effective, and due to the advancements in technology, safer than lasers for most treatments.


How often will I need IPL treatments?

The treatments are spaced 4-8 weeks apart (approx.). To maximise your results, adherence to our recommended treatment schedule is recommended. Extending the time between treatments may affect your long term results.

Does IPL Work?

Yes, however, the number of treatments required can vary from each person.


How long does it take for IPL/Laser hair removal to work?

Most people may require 6-12 treatments to rid themselves of unwanted hair, depending on several variables including but not limited to; age, skin colour, hair type, hair colour, gender and medications. As there are no guaranteed results from IPL, it is not possible to give a more specific answer however, most people find themselves happy with the long terms results between 6 and 12 treatments.


Why do I need multiple treatments to remove all the hair?

Your hair has many cycles of growth. Only hair follicles in the active growth stage are destroyed by IPL treatments. Hairs that are dormant (have not grown yet) will not be. This is why you need to have repeated sessions.


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